Welcome speech

Distinguished Participants,

As Chairman and Co-Chairman of this Symposium, we are delighted to welcome all of you to the 9th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics, SURF 2022. Politecnico di Milano, the leading Italian Technical University in Engineering, Architecture and Design, is especially honored to be hosting this Symposium.
For the first time, the Italian company that manages National Roads (ANAS – Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group) and the World Road Association (PIARC), together with Politecnico di Milano are joining forces for a global event that aims at involving to involve people from all over the world.

The Symposium is directed not only towards the academic environment, and researchers in general, but is also pertinent to managers, practitioners, companies, authorities, associations, engineers, and technicians dealing with everyday tasks and responsibilities related to transport infrastructures. The topics of the Symposium will mainly deal with data monitoring and performance assessment, innovation in asset management to meet next generation mobility needs, economic and political strategies, life-cycle cost analysis and assessment, safety and risk issues, sustainability issues (noise, vibration, pollution, fuel consumption, etc.), surface layer design, maintenance and preservation treatments, as well as materials and design.

SURF 2022 program will include plenary sessions, concurrent technical sessions, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, roundtables, and lectures by worldwide experts.

The main Scope of SURF 2022 is to improve the quality of pavement surface characteristics while accomplishing efficiency, safety, sustainability, new generation mobility needs, as well as users, managers and social expectations. For this reason, all participants can be actively involved in discussions, workshops, and roundtables to improve their knowledge and to take the know-how back to their own businesses.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Symposium patrons, the sponsors, and all the members of the Symposium Committee for their valuable contributions to the organization of this international event.

We are looking forward to meeting you individually in “Bella Italia” for SURF 2022!

Maurizio Crispino, Ph.D., P.E.

Symposium Chair
Full Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Transportation Infrastructures and Geosciences
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Aldo Isi, Eng.

Symposium Co-Chair
Chief Executive Officer, and
General Manager of
ANAS (Italy)

Hosting Institution

The leading Italian University in
Architecture, Design and Engineering

Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer.

Research has always been linked to didactics and is a priority commitment which has allowed Politecnico di Milano to achieve high quality results at an international level as to join the university to the business world.
Research activity moreover constitutes a parallel path to that formed by cooperation and alliances with the industrial system. Knowing the world in which you are going to work is a vital requirement for training students. By referring back to the needs of the productive, industrial world and public administration, research is facilitated in following new paths and dealing with the need for constant and rapid innovation. The alliance with the industrial world, in many cases favored by Fondazione Politecnico and by consortiums to which Politecnico belongs, allows the university to follow the vocation of the territories in which it operates and to be a stimulus for their development. The challenge which is being met today projects this tradition which is strongly rooted in the territory beyond the borders of the country, in a relationship which is developing first of all at the European level with the objective of contributing to the creation of a “single professional training market”.

Politecnico takes part in several research and training projects collaborating with the most qualified European universities. Politecnico’s contribution is increasingly being extended to other countries: from North America to Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe. Today the drive to internationalization sees Politecnico di Milano take part in the European and world network of leading technical universities and offers several exchange and double-degree programmes beside many programmes which are entirely taught in English.

Symposium organization

Symposium CHAIR

Maurizio Crispino, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, Civil Engineering,
Transportation Infrastructures Director,
Road Research Laboratory

Symposium CO-CHAIR

Eng. Aldo Isi

Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager of ANAS

Local Organizing & Professional/Student Challenges Committee


Prof. Emanuele Toraldo
Politecnico di Milano (ITA)


Richard Wix, ARRB Group (AUS)

Aleksandra Cybulska, PIARC (POL)

Misagh Ketabdari, Politecnico di Milano (ITA)

Edoardo Mariani, Politecnico di Milano (ITA)

Claudia Nodari, Politecnico di Milano (ITA)

Scientific Committee


Margo Briessinck
Agency for Roads and Traffic (BEL)


Miguel Caso Florez, PIARC Association mondiale de la Route (FRA)

Ciro Caliendo, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Maurizio Diomedi, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Donato Ciampa, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Mauro Coni, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Saverio Olita, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Monica Meocci, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Francesca Maltini, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Vittorio Nicolosi, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Alessandro Marradi, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)

Silvia Portas, ASIT Scientific Association of Transport and Infrastructures (ITA)



Stefan Hoeller, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Eugénia Correia, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Peter Füleki, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Joralf Aurstad, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Nicolas Bueche, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Luc Rens, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Mehis Leigri, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Josef Stryk, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Simona Fontul, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Cheolwoo Park, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Curt Turgeon, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

JaeJun Lee, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Pahi Sivapatham, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Andreas Loizos, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Zsolt Boros, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Jannat E Neehar, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

KRAFFT Serge, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

José del Cerro, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Shigeki Takahashi, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements

Roland Spielhofer, PIARC TC 4.1 Pavements